JIMMY’S OWN (Official Newsletter of the SIGNALS ASSOCIATION)

Dear all,

It gives me great pleasure to attach our VERY FIRST Issue of “Jimmy’s Own”, the Official Newsletter of the SIGNALS ASSOCIATION.

We hope to distribute our Newsletter on a regular basis. It will probably not be monthly, but if we can achieve our goal on a quarterly issue, we shall be happy chappies. So, you can look forward to more news from us.

This issue is dedicated to our being and is of historic value. It is all about us, where we come from and to make us better known.

The Newsletter was Launched and hard copies handed out at our 1st Annual Luncheon on past Sunday, 7 May 2017. It is of historical value and should be a collector’s item in time to come.

From now on, we will only be distributing the Newsletter electronically, so if you stop receiving any editions, it should ring a bell with you and may be due to you not having informed us of your change of email address!

This First Edition is also available on our website under the heading “Newsletter”. Future issues will also be placed on our website www.signalsassociation.org.za
“Jimmy’s Own” Signals Assoc 1st Newsletter May 2017 (PDF).

Robbie Roberts

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