Happy Labour Day 2017

Wishing all our veterans and their families and safe and relaxing Labour Day Weekend.

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Boshoed Dag 2017

Boshoed day is on the 26th August

This day in 1966 – 51 years ago, was the recognised start of the South African Border War, which lasted 23 years, 6 months, 3 weeks and 2 days.
Please remember the 2,280 members of the SADF that gave their lives in service of their country during this period. Of these 776 were killed in action.

Wear something SADF related on the day.
Can be anything from your boshoed, beret, SAMVOINT badge, Balkie, etc.
Take a selfie and share/post photos on either Facebook or email to SAMVOINT to share on the SAMVOINT website.

Create awareness of our veterans and especially to honour those who made the supreme sacrifice.
Lest we Forget

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Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day ……
we will remember them.

Memorial Day RG

Their ideal is our legacy – Their sacrifice our inspiration
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.

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JIMMY’S OWN (Official Newsletter of the SIGNALS ASSOCIATION)

Dear all,

It gives me great pleasure to attach our VERY FIRST Issue of “Jimmy’s Own”, the Official Newsletter of the SIGNALS ASSOCIATION.

We hope to distribute our Newsletter on a regular basis. It will probably not be monthly, but if we can achieve our goal on a quarterly issue, we shall be happy chappies. So, you can look forward to more news from us.

This issue is dedicated to our being and is of historic value. It is all about us, where we come from and to make us better known.

The Newsletter was Launched and hard copies handed out at our 1st Annual Luncheon on past Sunday, 7 May 2017. It is of historical value and should be a collector’s item in time to come.

From now on, we will only be distributing the Newsletter electronically, so if you stop receiving any editions, it should ring a bell with you and may be due to you not having informed us of your change of email address!

This First Edition is also available on our website under the heading “Newsletter”. Future issues will also be placed on our website www.signalsassociation.org.za
“Jimmy’s Own” Signals Assoc 1st Newsletter May 2017 (PDF).

Robbie Roberts

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Oom Joep

Totsiens Oom Joep.
Vet Joep van Zyl’s last attendance at a SAMVOA QLD meeting prior to his return to South Africa.
Oom Joep, we have really appreciated your membership and attendance at our gatherings and would like to wish you and Baby all the best for your return to South Africa.

Oom Joep served as a General in the SADF and very popular with our veterans.

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The Fallen 9000

A large percentage of the population of our (or any) country don’t know of or care about Normandy.

On 13th September 2013, British artist Jamie, accompanied by numerous volunteers, took to the beaches of Normandy with rakes and stencils in hand to etch 9,000 silhouettes representing fallen people into the sand.

Titled The Fallen 9000, the piece is meant as a stark visual reminder of those who died during the D-Day beach landings at Arromanches on June 6th, 1944 during WWII.

The original team consisted of 60 volunteers, but as word spread nearly 500 additional local residents arrived to help with the temporary installation that lasted only a few hours before being washed away by the tide.

9,000 Fallen Soldiers Etched into the Sand on Normandy Beach to Commemorate Peace Day.

The Fallen 9000 no 1

The Fallen 9000 no 2

The Fallen 9000 no 3

The Fallen 9000 no 4

The Fallen 9000 no 5

The Fallen 9000 no 6

The Fallen 9000 no 7

The Fallen 9000 no 8

The Fallen 9000 no 9

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CMVO 2017 Event Calendar

(Programme as updated and re-issued on 6 March 2017. The next update will only be issued in July 2017)
Click link to download PDF.
20170307 CMVO Updated Annual Calendar 2017

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Chairman’s Christmas Message


Modern War Magazine interview with Granger Korff

Modern War magazine #27 includes an interview by Joseph Miranda with SADF veteran Granger Korff.
Granger discusses his experiences as a South African paratrooper in South West Africa and Angola as well as Operation Protea.
There is also a review of his book “19 with a Bullet.”

Modern War is available in Barnes & Noble in the magazine section.
Copies can be also be obtained by contacting the publisher at:

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SAMVOA Regional Chairmen Appointments


SAMVOA Regional Chairmen Appointments

Melbourne, Australia –
Wednesday 9 November 2016

Veteran Tony Macquet MMM, National Chairman SAMVOA: It is my great pleasure to announce the Regional Chairmen appointments for the Queensland and Western Australia branches of SAMVOA. A warm welcome and congratulations to Shaun Winson (Queensland) and Dave Stevenson (Western Australia).
I would like to thank both Veteran Garth Pienaar of Western Australia and Veteran Gordon Pugh of Queensland, for the unselfish and dedicated work they have performed as Chairmen of their respective Regions. Both Members started off as almost strangers to me, but have become firm friends, which I firmly believe is important in what we are trying to achieve in SAMVOA. There is no doubt that their Regions, and SAMVOA as a whole, have been extremely fortunate to have leaders of their calibre, ability and dedication to build up these Regions as they did.

Both have recently stepped down from their appointments for similar reasons, but they are not lost to SAMVOA. Instead, they transition to “Immediate Past Regional Chairmen” status, acting as support to their successors, should they need the resident expertise and advice. This they have agreed to do in the interests of SAMVOA and both Garth and Gordon are confident that their respective incumbents will bring new energy and thinking to their leadership roles.

To both Shaun and Dave, I look forward to working with you both to grow our vibrant organisation even further and I am sure that your passion and expertise will be of great benefit to SAMVOA and SAMVOINT globally. I am sure that the National Executive and the Members will join me in congratulating you on your new appointments and we assure you of our full support going forward.

Regional Chairman Queensland:
Veteran Shaun Winson

A bit about Shaun:

1980: Shaun immigrated to South Africa from Rhodesia.
1986: Shaun was called up to the Navy where he completed basic training, but soon after, due to his aircraft technical background, was seconded to Air Force Station (AFS) Snake Valley (1 Air Depot). However, he wasn’t satisfied with the challenges offered at Snake Valley and was subsequently posted to
15 Squadron at Air Force Base (AFB) Durban, as an aviation tech on the Alouette III helicopters (Chopper 60).
1986 – 1987: Shaun carried out 2 tours of duty at AFB Ondangwa.
Shaun joined SAMVOA in 2015 and he believes steadfastly in the organisation and is committed to upholding its vision and mission, to the benefit of all ex-servicemen and women.
Shaun is married to Nicolette and they have two sons, Neil (24) and Jonathon (20). Neil is a full Heritage Member of SAMVOA.

Regional Chairman Western Australia:
Veteran Dave Stevenson

A bit about Dave:

1984: Dave commenced his National Service at Personnel Services Corps after completing his BComm.
He subsequently volunteered for 1 Parachute Batallion and earned his wings in December 1984, completing Section Leader’s course in early 1985.
1985 – 1986: Dave was deployed to the townships in mid-1985, followed by a tour of duty to Owamboland (Sector 10) with 53 BN before completing his service in late 1985.
Dave did a number of camps with 3 Parachute Battalion (44 Parachute Brigade) where he was part of the leader group until May 1991, including two “Ops Iron Eagle” training deployments.

Dave was awarded the “Best National Serviceman” title for his intake, which was a rare occurrence as this did not happen for every intake. A prestigious award presented to those ultimately worthy of recognition.

Dave joined SAMVOA in July 2014 and he also established the “Outback Canopy” in December 2014, a SAMVOA sub-group for all airborne qualified veterans living in Australia and New Zealand. The group has around 130 members and Dave has a particular interest in airborne operations and the history of parachute regiments and engagements. He is also an avid supporter of charities in aid of PTSD sufferers.

Dave has held a number of senior executive positions within the Information Technology industry, including Chief Information Officer and Chief Operations Officer. Over the past 10+ years, he has concentrated on the Mining and Oil & Gas sectors, focusing on the use of computer technology to enable these organisations to make a step change and transform their operations.

Dave moved to Perth in January 2013 and lives in Wembley Downs with his wife Lisa and their two daughters – Savannah (15) and Georgia (12).

As an additional bit of interest, Dave’s father was born in Scotland and was in active service in the Royal Air Force from 1940 – 1945. He attained the rank of Sergeant and was awarded the Defence Medal and the War Medal.

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